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Howard Stern News!
Howard Stern Regular Eric the Actor Remembered by DJ Peter Rosenberg
On September 20th, Eric "The Actor" Lynch, a member of Howard Stern's "Wack Pack" since 2002, died at the age of 39. The 3-foot-tall fledgling actor was afflicted with tissue disorder Ehlers'Danlos syndrome among numerous other medical conditions.


Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Howard Stern Says He's 'Going To Quit' America's Got Talent
Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Howard Stern is torn by indecision about whether or not to return for another season of America's Got Talent, though his rapport with Robin Quivers on the Stern Show Tuesday morning revealed that he wants to quit. "I'm waiting for somebody to give me ...


Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Howard Stern, Smokey Robinson talk about legendary career on Howard Stern ...
Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson appeared on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning to talk about his legendary music career. "Your life is something that people would never believe," Stern said. Robinson was a lead member of Motown vocal ...


Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Howard Stern Says He May Retire After Contract Ends
Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Howard Stern got real on The Stern Show this morning when a caller asked if he plans to resign in 15 months, when his contract is up. "There's a part of me that thinks I won't be here any more," Stern said, "and there's a part of me that thinks I will ...


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Mario Lopez Spills 'Saved By The Bell', Personal Secrets on Howard Stern Show
Empty Lighthouse Magazine
Mario Lopez appeared on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning to talk about his new memoir, Just Between Us, a revealing memoir including stories from Saved By The Bell and his past relationships. "A lot of people tried to discourage me," Lopez said.

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Retards in the news!

Retarded is not an adjective
The Agora
As a society, we have become desensitized to words and images that should affect us. We act without thinking, speak without knowing, and create harmful habits simply because we aren't inclined to care about how our words effect other people. We are all ...