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Howard Stern News!
Caller Learns It's a Very Bad Idea to Call Howard Stern and Bash Israel: 'F ...
Popular SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern went off on a belligerent caller last week after he argued Israel is 'at fault' for the current conflict between the Jewish nation and the terrorists of Hamas in Gaza. Stern has been consistently pro-Israel in ...
In Profanity-Laced Tirade, Howard Stern Defends Israel: 'Israel is at No Fault ...Algemeiner
Howard Stern Goes Off On Anti-Israel Caller (LISTEN)Headlines & Global News
Howard Stern Goes On Pro-Israel Rant [VIDEO]Shalom Life
Jspace News
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Breitbart News
Howard Stern: 'If You're Anti-Israel You're Anti-America'
Breitbart News
Howard Stern says things other entertainers dare not discuss. That typically involves breast size, lesbian encounters and other titillating topics. This week, Stern said something almost unheard of in celebrity circles. If you're anti-Israel you're ...


Howard Stern Delivers Epic Defense of Israel: 'If You're Anti-Israel, Then You ...
Fox News (blog)
TRUTHREVOLT.ORG - When a caller attempted to blame Israel for the war with Hamas last week, SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern told him to 'F*** off!' and then launched into an impassioned defense of Israel, saying 'If you're anti-Israel, then you're ...


First Howard Stern, Now Joan Rivers Fires Up Passionate Support for Israel
PJ Media
Radio jock Howard Stern went off on a listener who took Hamas' side against Israel earlier this week. 'If you're anti-Israel, you're anti-America!' Stern said, which is both true and probably doesn't bother Hamas' staunchest defenders. Now Joan Rivers ...
Howard Stern: "If You're Anti-Israel, Then You're Anti-America"RealClearPolitics
Howard Stern Blasts Caller Over IsraelEmpty Lighthouse Magazine
'America's Got Talent' Judge Howard Stern In Defense Of Israel: Sirius ...Mstarz

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Howard Stern Theorizes That Fox's Kurtz Is 'Doing' Lauren Ashburn
Howard Stern is pretty sure there's something going on between Fox News' Howard Kurtz and his MediaBuzz co-host Lauren Ashburn. After the pair spent some time critiquing his interview with Today show hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, Stern ...


Retards in the news!

Mentally retarded boy dumped in Singapore set to return to HK
Hong Kong Standard
Singapore is expected to return to Hong Kong an 11-year-old boy who was found wandering along Marina Promenade in the city state last week after he was allegedly dumped by his father. The father, named Chen, has been questioned by Hong Kong police ...

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Kate Gosselin r-word: Use of 'retarded' gets reality star in trouble
Kate Gosselin used the r-word in an email, and now the reality star is in hot water. The r-word in question is retarded, and Kate said the word in an email to Jon Gosselin. Yes, the Jon Gosselin she barely speaks to now. The email is not recent. She ...

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Troy Ave's Offensive Obsession: Gay Son or 'Mildly Retarded' Son'
Thanks to past SPIN contributor Noz, it's come to our attention that Troy Ave has a patently offensive obsession with a hypothetical situation in which one must choose between a gay son or a mentally disabled one (and sometimes a "whore daughter" or ...


Watch Your Language: Why You Should Stop Saying Gay, Rape and Retarded ...
The Stanford Daily
These are words I often hear around campus exchanged between friends, either to evoke a few laughs or simply to fit in with the crowd. Words said by people who have never given these phrases a second thought and who don't mean to harm anyone with ...


Kate Gosselin Calls Mothers of Multiples 'Retarded'
Kate Gosselin has allegedly used a slur that makes mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and friends of anyone who knows and loves a person with disabilities'especially Down Syndrome'bear their teeth and claws and go in for the kill.

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